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A physical doll that focuses on “real” mold products, XYDOLL provides a more realistic, better sex and your love doll dating experience for singles and groups living alone and We are committed to providing a more realistic, better sex and dating experience for sing real silicone love les and groups living alone. Among them, the “XY” of XY Lovedor comes from the two human sex chr japanese real sex doll omosomes “X chromosome” and “Y chromosome” and represents the abyss creations website state of greedy dating of both sexes.

Features of XY Love Doll?

The materials used in XYDOL real life woman doll L products include imported TPE and silicone, 1:1 real mold, wax-like silicone head, hair transplantation, ey buy sex doll silicone ebrows and eyelashes, perfect and real, 100% reproduction of real skin ( exclusive).