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WM Dolls 170cm H-cup

This love doll is a busty love doll made of TPE material. “TPE” is a new material that triggered the love doll boom in recent years. Until then, there were only super luxur who invented the blow up doll y silicone or cheap sex doll silicones made o full silicone sex doll f cushions and air. With the advancement of development technology of “TPE”, the love doll has become an exquisitely reason high quality sex able adult goods. Compared to silicon, it is “cheap”, “soft” and “light”. Features a doll with a tongue specialized in Blowjob! 3 Holes for Fun The WM Dolls 170cm H sex doll silicones sex dolls -CUP Love Doll is a premium lo silicone torso ve doll made of durable and flexible TPE. Despite its high design, it is a love doll that features an affordable price range. A distinctive feature of WM DOLLS is that it has a naughty tongue for a realistic blowout experience. WM DOLL also boasts beautiful boobs in a variety o sex dolls free f sizes. You can also make yourself a sexy lingerie look that you can't ask for in real life. If you like slim body, you can not only enj hot love dolls oy your ideal body shape, but you can also enjoy cosplay because there are plenty of variations of clothes that you can wear.