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WM Dolls 168cm L-cup

You can choose from several type sex doll shop s such as eye color, hairstyle (wig), nipple and genitals type. The WM Dolls 168cm L-cup Love Doll has a fleshy bus life sex dolls ty body that is perfect for men who like older sisters. The face is exquisite modeling that can be taken both Japanes massive breast e and Asian. The most characteristic is that L cup big breasts. At the mo sex doll silicone puppen ment you see a big boob that does not fit in your palm, the libido comes up from there in your heart, I reach out of my hand without thinking, I want to touch! I want to do it! It feels like, w robot sex future hen you touch it, it was as smooth as if sucking with a plump feel, it was packed with charm that make big boob doll s you want to be soft and kneading all the time, so it's the best experience, so I love it once Please try doll Hairstyle, hair color, eye color, skin color, nipple color, nail, and so on structure and color can be custom made to your l male sex doll silicones iking! What's more like this, the finished image for each option is also prepared, so choosing is easier than you thought! talk to a sex robot online