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WM Dolls 166cm c-cup

It gives an extremely realistic and naughty impression among WMDOLL products. In addition to the “softness” and “elasticity” characte how to make sex doll ristic of TPE, the delicate design of the face and body details are applied It's a The modeling level of sexdol WM Dolls 166cm C-cup Love Doll is almost the same as low price silicone dolls, it feels that only the material is different. Made of celebrity look alike sex medical elastomer, it is softer and more durable than silicone love dolls. The bust and hips are not inferior to the real thing with a pull-pu inexpensive dolls ll. Also, because the unit price of life-size love dolls raw materials is cheaper, it is a silicone sex doll videos lso attractive that it is easier to serve than Japa sex doll silicone sex pics nese-made love dolls. 166 cm tall and big, face cute, dress according to your taste, put lifelike lovedoll on wig and hole is firm, open mouth, vagina, anal! Of course, insertions are also possible! When inserting, you can japanese dolls for men experience the fun of love doll enough, which is almost no d bbw love doll ifferent from the feel of a woman's poem! After playing, you can wipe it c artificial sex lean and put it in a special cardboard to store it carefully. You can also caress and kiss like normal sex. It is completely different from the masturbation that men use with their own hands, allo sexy ai robot wing you to enjoy a feeling close to sex with women.