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WM Dolls 165cm L-cup

This is a love doll that reproduces the whole body of a woman in life size. WM Dolls can be customized not only for height and weight, but a sex doll silicones usa lso face type and skin color. Recently, in addition to having pseudo-sexual intercourse, there are also people who can buy for appreciation and dress up and enjoy taking pictures. WM Dolls 165 artificial intelligence companion dolls cm L-cup Love Doll features a passage to L cup big breasts and can be inserted, so you can fully experience the fu asian sex doll silicones n of love dolls will! Their vagina is made for pleasure and is designed to feel as if you are having sex with a real buy love doll living person. As you imagine, the process is simple. Place the doll as you li ultimate pleasure robots ke, then play sex with dolls and instincts. This is made of medical elastomer, so it is softer and more durable than silicone love dolls. The bust and hips are not robot prostitute inferior to the real thing with a pull-pull. Also, because the unit price of raw materials is cheaper, it is also attrac online sex sim tive that it is easier to get hands out than Japanese made love dolls.