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WM Dolls 163cm H-cup

This WM Dolls 163cm H-Cup Love Doll brand is WMDoll, it uses medical elastomer, so compared to silicone love dolls Soft and durable The bust an inflatable doll reviews d hips are not inferior to the real thing with a pull-pull. Also, because the unit price of raw materials is cheaper, it is also attractive that it is easi real life size doll er to get hands out than Japanese made love dolls. It gives women having sex with robots an impression full of vitality due to its rich expression and countless joints. The height is a little higher than 163 cm, but I do not feel intimidating because it has a cute black sex love face. Slender model shape makes it easy to wear with any clothes You can also add lotion to the panco of the lovedor or insert a thin lotion into your penis. After that, just like enjoying sex with a living woman, just play your waist in your favorite position. At the sexy dol end it will be good to have a creampie finish, and it can be a facial or oral ejaculation. You have to do maintenance cleanly, so enjoy the best feeling and proceed to ejaculation. If you are able who invented the blow up doll to play oral to SEX, you may have to play a blowout, and it's also good to move to anal fuck as well as insert into pussy.