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WAX Doll

WAX Love Doll products are silic sexs dolls one brand of famous brand AXB DOLL, with high quality, mainly silicone, TPE+silicone head. Wax dol cleaning tpe doll l combines exquisite facial features, re real sex toy alistic touch and high cost performance. The latest luxury sex doll, launched in 2020, is becoming super popular in Japan!

Beautiful komai 165cm classic busty sex doll

WAX LOVE DOLL in various styles

Being a silicone doll brand, WAXDOLL also absorbs the latest fashion ele what are sex dolls ments and incorporates oriental classical art busty sex dolls , and the appearance of the doll is very beautiful. There are create a sex doll pure goddess-level love dolls, classic style sex doll silicone in red Chinese clothes, sexy and charming mature sex dolls in maid inexpensive dolls clothes. Don't miss the wax doll!