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Closing Eye Doll (Orgasm Face)

do you know? Compared to an expr plastic sex doll essionless face, closed eyes love doll with orgasm face in an embarrassing pose can provoke sexual desire. When the closed eye doll touches adult size doll the chest with one hand and t japanese realistic sex dolls he other hand to the genitals, it looks like a real ai doll robot woman masturbating in front of you, visually ve asian love doll ry exciting.

Is the closed love doll more expensive?

Big Boobs “Miyu” 138cm Closed Eye Love Doll

The answer is negative. From design to modeling and factory, this kind of closed-eye sex doll is no different from other sex doll silicone pornstar sex dolls , but is more creative. However, since the eyes of the closed eye doll cannot be opened, you cann cheap silicone love dolls ot change the eyeball or choose the color, please be careful when purchasing.