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Future Doll Brand is a new type doll fact human silicone dolls ory from China. Although the brand is not very well known in Japan, Futuregirl Love Doll is designed based on Asian aesthetics and has a strong oriental style . Future dolls chinese best sex are made of TPE and silica gel and are of high quality.

Features of Futuregirl Love Doll?

Future doll sex doll is made of TPE material, high quality and odorless, the most cost- adult doll toys effective of TPE sex doll silicone and good image quality. Futuregirls sex doll silicone is soft and elastic, tear-resistant and has a smooth surface. Future doll simulation technology is amazing, looks realistic, good body shape, and is a very beautiful image with the temper sexdols ament of the actress. Now it is initially intended for the Japanese market and the price is also very profitable!