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Doll House 168

Dollhouse168 Love Doll is made of TPE material, has the advantages of optimal raw materi hot male sex al, light weight (lighter than original pure TPE), strong permeability, odorless, low oil production rate, good tactile feeling and so on. Skeleton EVO enhanced version sex doll silicone, joi erotic doll nts are more reasonable, more realistic, easy to operate, realizing weight reduction of exercise such as fla robot sex story t seat, Asian crouching, hand poking chin, shrugging shoulders. Dollhouse168 Love DollDollhouse 168 Sex Doll Wig is customized, according to the character's personality, you can choose more excellent guy sex doll , multiple styles You can do it DH168 The vagina and anal pores of the sex doll silicone are completely isolated from the internal skeleton (seal) and are hygienic, rust-proof and safe. Dollhouse 168 has more adva adult doll nced hollow forming technology, more reasonable vacancies, no gap in the second class, more realistic and light to the touch.



The reason Dollhouse 168 stands out from other brands is its flexibility and maneuverability. The doll hou simulator sex android se 168 life-size doll skeleton is more flexible and can be rotated 360 degrees like an arm as well as up and down, left and right.


A variety of

DH168 doll

You can choose the eye color, skin color and hai female doll for men rstyle of the sex doll all. Dollhouse 168 doll paws up to shrug shoulders or choose pubic hair if you want pubic hair. Dollhouse 168 Dollhouse can be equipped with removab sex bot le tongue to bring life to life This new dollhouse168 brand quickly expanded its product torso sex dolls range and competed with the market, so recently released DH168 dolls. These Doll House 168 dolls have unique new physical features such as puffy breasts, buttocks an free 3d sex sim d beautiful legs.