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bjd doll

As a technical application, BJD adopts the structural theory of ball joints, which enhances the modeling ability of BJD love doll sexual talking robot , and when it comes to appearance, use the concept of Barbie doll to free You can change th family simulator sex free e shape to. On these foundations, the bjd doll devel adult sex simulator oped thoroughly. It is basically designed based on the structure of the human body, so the appearance is more realistic and ado rubber sex dolls rable.

The BJD creator is

Another BJD creator that must be mentioned is Japan V tpe doll shop master Yuanju Zhaohao. The SD doll developed by V Agency is not only a pioneering p young anal dolls iece of BJD, but also the standard and mode living sex dolls l of all future BJD love dolls. Today, all Korean and Japanese bjd doll sizes and basic body types are referenced on the basis of SD dolls. SD dolls have certain authority sexdols in many doll making techni html5 sex simulator ques in Korea and Japan.

What is a BJD Love Doll

BJD sex dolls are improved based on bjD dolls and are male sex doll video love dolls with sexu realdoll body 5 al function. Most of them are made of medical grade material silicone or TPE, which is very soft to the touch, safe and non-toxic. Our bjd sex doll has a variety of heights, minifig japanese real sex doll ures, same size and model figures. We can customize doll eye color, chest size, lip gloss and so on. If you are a bjd doll lover, don't miss it!