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Aotume Doll

Luckily, AotumeDoll, a famous doll brand in China, is cooperating with us. Aotume Doll is a fa robotic dolls mous two-dimensional animated entity doll manufacturer in Guangdong, China, and is very popular i blowjob doll n China. Break through dimensional walls ~ my hero is you! ! ! aotumeDoll #18号135cm aA-cupAoTumeDoll, the first real two-dimensional figure sex doll silicone, liebespuppe doll and Anime 1:1 Love Doll. The “bumpy” sex doll is a craftsman spirit to make high quality and soulful silicone & TPE dolls.

What are the features of Aotume doll?

AoTuMedoll draws inspiration from animated characters to create their own two-dimensional style animated dolls. “Unevenness” sex doll silicone has m realistic male love doll any advantages, it is not only cute, charming and dreamy appearance, but also very flexible and can d china dolls.com o joint activities such as neck, shou sexsimulator safe lder and knee joints. The material of Aotume doll is a soft and safe high density TPE medical grade material.

aotumeDoll sex doll silicone

Various customization of “concave and convex” sex doll silicone

1. Drawing eyeball Depending on your needs, the designer of Aotume Doll can carefully draw and restore according to the prototype of the animation and add your signatu sex inflatable dolls re to the eye pattern.


2. Exquisite makeup After making AoTuMedoll, professional makeup artists care solid sex dolls fully make up and are highly resilient. We will take a picture and confirm with you before delivery.

Aotume doll

3. Hair recovery Each wig is carefully trimmed according to the character's prototype, so customers don't know how to fix the “bumpy” sex doll silicone hairstyle after receiving Get rid of things and other worries. human size dolls