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AI -Tech, founded in 2013, is a leading high-tech enterprise headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Shenzhen All I mini inflatable doll ntelligent It is a sex doll brand with robot AI features prod polymer tpe uced by Technology Co. After the development began in 2013, the AI sex robot Emma was released in 2017. It meets the highest safety standards in Europe and America.

AI -Tech sex doll silicone

The company of AI -Tech Love Doll has released a new material M-TPE that simulates the skin better than traditional TPE. The new technology doll features a smart five-point trigger function (chest, lower body and thighs), all ai tech doll owing you to make an embarrassing sound on the doll by simply touching these specific parts. It also has a motor on the eyelids, eyeball, lips and neck, so deepthroat dolls they can move independently of each other. This love doll can speak Chinese and Engl sex emulator android download ish, and the Japanese dialogue is still under development. With adult size dolls deep learning AI technology, the more you communicate with her, the more compassionate she becomes. Welcome gentleme japanese silicone doll for sale n and challenge this AI-inspired Dutch tpe buy wife.